“…But Feinstein has to face the voters this year, and one cannabis champion is trying to bogart her out of a fifth full term. Criminal defense and civil rights attorney Pat Harris is also running as a Democrat, and he’ll be on the June 5 primary ballot that determines the “top two” for November’s Senate election.

“Dianne Feinstein has been out of step with Californians,” Harris tells  SF Evergreen, condemning “her support for the Iraq War, her support for continuing surveillance of citizens in the warrantless searches, and her willingness, on the [Senate] Intelligence Committee, to allow the intelligence community to do whatever they want to do as far as tapping our phones…”


Pat Harris sees plenty of potential to move the undecided vote and plant the seeds of a new pro-marijuana Democratic party.

“We cannot be a party of hating Donald Trump. We have to have our own agenda,” he says. “We don’t have the bold, strong leaders that are willing to go on television, radio, podcasts, and newspapers every single day and fight for these things. That’s who I am, and that’s what I’ll do in the Senate.”

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