Pat Harris (D)


Delaine Eastin (D)

Lt. Governor

Gayle McLaughlin (NPP)

Attorney General

Dave Jones (D)

Secretary of State

Ruben Major (D)

Michael Feinstein (G)

State Treasurer

Vivek Viswanathan (D)

Insurance Commissioner

Asif Mahmood (D)


Betty Yee (D)



District 4

Phillip Kim (D)

District 24

Peter Choi (D)

District 34

Jestin Samson (D)

District 36

Marggie Castellano (D)

Alameda County

District Attorney: Pamela Price (D)


Butte County

Oroville City Council: Linda McFadden Draper (D)

Oroville City Council: Janet Goodson (D)


Humboldt County

Supervisor District 1: Dani Burkhart (D)

Supervisor District 5: Steve Madrone (D)


Los Angeles County

Superior Court Judge Office No. 60:
Holly L. Hancock

Superior Court Judge Office No. 71:
David A. Berger

Assessor: Jeff Prang

Sheriff: Alex Villanueva


San Diego County

District Attorney: Genevieve Jones-Wright (D)

SheriffDave Myers (D)





Assembly Dist 1

Caleen Sisk (D)


Assembly Dist 10

Dan Monte (D)


Assembly Dist 15

Jovanka Beckles (D)


Assembly Dist 16

Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (D)


Assembly Dist 18

Rob Bonta (D)


Assembly Dist 30

Robert Rivas (D)


Assembly Dist 33

Socorro Cisneros (D)


Assembly Dist 35

Bill Ostrander (D)


Assembly Dist 39

Patty Lopez (D)


Assembly Dist 54

Steve Dunwoody (D)


Assembly Dist 63

Maria Estrada (D)


Assembly Dist 70

Rachel Bruhnke (D)


Assembly Dist 71

James Elia (D)


Assembly Dist 73

Scott Rhinehart (D)


Assembly Dist 75

Alan Geraci (D)


Assembly Dist 76

Elizabeth Warren (D)



District 1

Jessica Holcombe (D)

Audrey Denney (D)


District 4

Jessica Morse (D)


District 5

Jason Kishineff (G)


District 8

Margie Doyle (D)


District 12

Stephen Jaffe (D)


District 13

Barbara Lee (D)


District 17

Ro Khanna (D)


District 22

Ricardo Franco (D)


District 25

Jess Pelaez Phoenix (D)


District 29

Angelica Duenas (G)


District 30

Jon Pelzer (D)


District 34

Kenneth Mejia (G)


District 42

Julia Peacock (D)


District 43

Maxine Waters (D)

Miguel Zuniga (G)


District 49

Doug Applegate (D)


District 50

Ammar Campa-Najjar (D)





Our Vision

Over the past 12 months, the Pat Harris for U.S. Senate campaign team has had the privilege of meeting many great progressive candidates across the state of California.    Our appreciation has grown immensely for fellow grassroots campaigns that are pushing hard for issues like getting corporate money out of politics, single-payer healthcare, and banning fracking.   

We are all too familiar with the struggles of name recognition without millions of dollars for advertising, AND we have come to embrace the triumphant moments when our message resonates with people, and they pledge their vote!  

A few weeks ago, at a progressive organization monthly meeting, the discussion turned to how difficult it was to learn about or even know who the progressive candidates are in a lot of the races.  We realized that, having traveled all over the state numerous times, we were in a unique position to tell people about some of the progressive candidates we have met. It is with this sense of reflection, and appreciation, that the Pat Harris for U.S. Senate campaign presents, the Progressive Americans Together Voter Guide.

Please consider these candidates when casting your votes, and donating your dollars!

This is by no means an all-inclusive list and we are sure we may have left off some deserving candidates.   These are the primary races the Pat Harris for U.S. Senate campaign team has come to know, but there are many more who are doing great work, and deserve equal consideration on June 5th! If there are any progressive candidates you recommend for our voter guide, send them our way!