The question of legalizing cannabis should no longer even be an issue. On virtually every level from economically to criminally to medically to politically and yes, even morally, the overwhelming evidence is that legalizing cannabis is extremely beneficial to society. Yet here we are in 2018 faced with a Justice Department and an Attorney General who not only want to turn the clock back to the failed War on Drugs, they want to go even further and reinstate harsher penalties to anyone caught using cannabis. And they want to do it even in states where the voters have overwhelmingly shown their support for legalizing recreational cannabis.
The next great battleground over the legalization of cannabis is going to be the U.S. Congress. California needs a United States Senator who not only understands the importance of fighting the Justice Department but someone who has spent an entire career doing it. Pat Harris is a lifelong civil rights and criminal defense attorney who has taken on corporations from Pfizer to Wells Fargo to Bank of America, and he has regularly taken on the Department of Justice in court.

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