Homelessness has become a crisis not just in major metropolitan cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco, but throughout the entire state of California in smaller rural communities as well, like Redding and Chico.

We have the ability to start building affordable housing and help shelter the homeless. The CA State legislature, LA City Council and voters of California have approved various measures to provide money to help ease the homelessness issue. However, the billions of dollars that have been allocated are still stuck in bureaucracy and aren’t being spent toward building new shelters, fixing older shelters, job training, and addressing drug addiction and mental illness, as the measures require.

There seems to be no real sense of urgency on behalf of the politicians in California, no leadership or feeling that this is indeed a crisis. We need politicians to stand up and realize that this is an issue which impacts every single citizen, city and town in our beautiful State. We need politicians to have the sense of urgency it deserves, recognize it as a crisis and allocate the money accordingly to spend it on the areas it was meant for.

If elected US Senator, I will do my utmost to bring this issue to the forefront and demand our local politicians be held accountable to ensuring the funds get spent in a timely and efficient manner, to begin to provide the relief so many of our fellow brothers and sisters need during this difficult time of rising housing costs, stagnant wages, and slow economic growth.