KNOCK-LA: “Today Senator Diane Feinstein, the authoritarian moral vacuum at the center of California politics, announced her intent to run for a sixth term as California’s senior senator to fully cement her legacy of heedless militarism and active hostility to personal liberties. One would think that at after nearly five decades in elected office she would be looking forward to a comfortable retirement, but as long as there are weapons to sell, brown people to bomb, and phones to tap, Sen. Feinstein’s work will remain unfinished. We at KNOCK salute her commitment to “public” “service.”


This puts the party loyalists in a bit of a bind; while political outsiders like … Pat Harris are willing to challenge her directly, her announcement sucks the air out of the room for establishment Dems with senatorial aspirations. California is a big ol’ state, and we’ve got far more try-hard political climbers than we have higher offices for them to uselessly fill…”

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